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Dec. 9th, 2009 | 05:13 pm
location: Poland, Brenna
mood: excited excited
music: -

Hiii~ ♥ How are You?. I'm okay but here in Poland is very very cold day! Zzzz. x_x" I back from school some time ago ♥ Was okay soooo~good! ^ ^ Tommorow I'll going to cinema with my classmatt! I'm really looking forward, yaaay~ !!! :D ♥ And I'll have shopping too tommorow! <3. I must to buy Christmas presents for my family and real friends ♥ And clothes for mysefl! Hi-Hi! =). Later I'll meet with my boyfriend in park! It will really crazy day I'm sure~!!!! ^ ^. How You spent today?. Did You do something special? :) ♥

Some days ago I cooked cocktail with my friends! <3. Was really cool haha !! XDD I love my friends! =). It's my cocktail:

It was very tasty strawberry cocktail! Mmmmm <3 I want drink it again! HIIH ^ ^. ♥

Do You have any lucky bag from Pupe? ♥ I bought one for my doll ♥ I think items from them are sooo~ cool this time! * o * Look!:

Too You can see my two pars of skates! They are pretty I think! :) I want have all skates from this sweet winter event, but I haven't ribbons! Soo~ wrong! :c Maybe next time! ^ ^. Btw. winter can be very wonderful and romantic, but in my home place in Poland we haven't snow!!! Yaay~ I want snow! :ccc Very often is cold weather here, but where is snow?! Somebody know? HAHA XDD. Yesterday I watched photos on my computer and I found it:

I took this photo one year ago so here is my friend Paulina! She looks soooo~ funny and sweet, don't You think? ^ ^. The place is bus station near my school :). And then was winter =3. AMAZING!!!!

For end I show You my two photos. I know I'm not cute =)".

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From: miss_manniquin
Date: Dec. 21st, 2009 02:44 am (UTC)

Oh yay! It sounds like so much fun, the strawberry cocktail looks really yummy! =) I love strawberries they are so cute and delicious! And you take such lovely photos! The sparkly is very sweet! And Hiromi-chan why do you not think you are cute !? You are very cute in those piccies, your shades look so cool! I think every girl should believe she is cute :)

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