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Pupe again! :) ( ^ o ^ )

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Jan. 21st, 2010 | 07:02 pm
location: Poland, Brenna
mood: happy happy
music: No music! XD :C

Welcome friends!! How are You? I'm fine, ohh not

only, because I'm very very excited and happy! (^ o

^) Yesterday I had lovely time with my friend! We had

small girls party haha XD :) Before it I was in post

office and I selt packages do my Dearest Pupe friends!

I love them soooo much! ( * O * ) They also have

letters from me! ^ ^ Hmmmm today we also had party

in school! How long I danced with my sweet friends!

^O^ :) The end of disco was the best! In end there

stayed only some girls my friends and we had much

fun hahaha XD. We  - girls are sooo funny and cool,

aren't we? Hahaha XD My mood is really good today! :)

I'm glad! But also I'm tired. I think I'll go to bed earlier

than always. Well.. Yesterday I took very many photos

of my Pupe! And today I want add them!

I gathered many ribbons on Pupe ans I thought I want changes! ^ ^ I boguth a lot of pink clothes and accessories! They're soooo cute and pink is such too, isn't it?? I wear like a princess. And I changed my hair colour. Now Hiromi is blondie!! :) Soon I'll change also my eyes. It will other! But please look at my Pupe photos!



On last photo is my makeup for yesterday. It's my fav and I really adore it! Isn't it cute?? ^ o ^ I'm sooo sorry of file, but I save them in JPG and I forgot save in PNG. ><" One more sorry!

Items that I bought are there! And it's many cute

things awww *___* Do You like them? I hope! Now I

should go.. I must to learn yet for tommorow XD

School again, ehhhh! :( But it's friday, last day in week

and after it it's weekend! How You'll spend weeken? I'll

spend it with my friend again! Hiromi is happy! ^O^

My Dearest friends, take care! I love You all! *CHUUUUUU*

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